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Designing your own Bevel Grave Marker.

The Bevel Grave Marker is the slightly elevated cousin to the always popular Flat Grave Marker Style. We say elevated because instead of the standard flat top face, Bevel Markers slope from 6″ in the back to 4″ in the front.

Being so closely related to a flat marker, a lot of the design elements cross over. With Bevels though, they are almost never buried, so the side options become customizable.

Throughout this article we will be covering:

  1. The basics sizes of Bevel Grave Markers
  2. Subtle Design Elements of Bevel Markers
  3. The available granite colors
  4. Where to buy and design your own Bevel Grave Marker
Koupal Bevel Memorial

Sizes Of Flat Grave Markers

Like Flat Markers, there are many different sizes of Bevel Grave Markers. Most rely on the number of people that are being memorialized or the seer amount of story that needs to be told. 

A Bevel Marker for one person is likely to be 24” left to right x 12” front to back x 04”-06″ thick. That front to back slope allows for the engraving to be red from a distance.

As mentioned previously, the bevel is installed to rest on top of a base and then on top of the ground. Not buried like their flat marker peers. This subtle change opens up many more angles for us to engrave and you to further tell your story.

Bruner Companion Bevel Marker
Traditional 36”x12”x04”-06" Bevel Grave Marker atop a 48"x14"x12" base

Available Bevel Grave Marker Designs

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Design Elements of
Bevel Grave Markers

As you begin to design your Bevel Marker we know there are a lot of specific elements to chose from to help you tell your story. Will you choose a frosted panel to help contrast the engraving? Will you have a border of flowers engraved? Or would you better suited with more symbols than letters?

All these questions and more are just the beginning of what your memorial designer will walk you through. At Riley Gardner Memorial, we pride ourselves on trying to never create the same memorial twice. While you may see themes represented more than once, we do our best to tell your individual story.

With bevels in mind, accessories can also be included like flower vases that are recessed into the top face. A bevel marker is an elegant and timeless way to memorialize your loved one or beloved couple. Speak with your local Riley Gardner Location to get started.

Vaccaro Companion Flat Marker
companions are best memorialized together.

Where to buy and design your own bevel grave marker.

Riley Gardner Memorial is proud to announce that we have 141 convenient locations carrying our highest quality granite and marble. Visiting with anyone of our available memorial designers will surely get you on your way to a beautiful and long lasting memorial.

Just about all of our sales offices are set up to design live with you in the room so that you can actively see your memorial come to life in a digital rendering.

Have a look at our complete directory and once you have found the Riley Garner Partner closest to you call and schedule an appointment and we’ll get started preserving your legacy today.

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