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Designing your own flat grave marker.

Placing a headstone in tribute of a loved one lost is one of the   United States’ longest and most honorable traditions. In resent years the Flat Grave Marker has been one of the most popular styles of monuments. 

Designing a flat or flush marker is not only timeless but cost effective. When you begin to design your own Flat Grave Marker,  there are a couple of things that come standard and more that comes from the memorialized’ story. Our engraved memorials continue to tell those stories for lifetimes to come.

Throughout this article we will be covering:

  1. The basics sizes of Flat Grave Markers
  2. Subtle Design Elements of Flat Markers
  3. The available granite colors and polishes
  4. Where to buy and design your own Flat Grave Marker
Gheen Companion Flat Marker

Sizes Of Flat Grave Markers

The are many different sizes of Flat Markers. Most rely on the number of people that are being memorialized or the seer amount of story that needs to be told. 

A Flat Marker for one person is likely to be 24” left to right x12” front to back x04” thick. This is the standard individual memorial size and is just enough engrave-able space to house their Name, Important Dates, and 2-3 symbols or a border and short inscription. 

Some individuals take the option to go a little larger giving the ability to engrave more or add accessories like portraits or a flower vase.  Such flat markers with vases are sized at 29”x22”x04” and can be turned in either portrait or landscape to best suit your design.

When more than one person is being memorialized we tend to one and a half or even double the available top length. Thus giving us far more room to story tell. Traditional companion flat markers are sized at 36” wide x 12” front to back while even larger companions are 48” wide. With this kind of length, either companion is given the room to both share their stories as individuals and as companions. With these memorials a unifying symbol is often placed in the center. 

Toupal Flat Marker
Traditional 24”x12”x04” Flat Grave Marker
Young Companion Flat Marker
Traditional 36”x12”x04” Flat Grave Marker

Subtle Design Elements of
Flat Grave Markers

As you begin to design your flat marker we know there are a lot of specific elements to chose  from to help you tell your story. Will you choose a frosted panel to help contrast the engraving? Will you have a border of flowers engraved? Or would you better suited with more symbols than letters?

All these questions and more are just the beginning of what your memorial designer will walk you through. At Riley Gardner Memorial, we pride ourselves on trying to never create the same memorial twice. While you may see themes represented more than once, we do our best to tell your individual story. 

Specifically for flat grave markers, they are 4” thick but when they are completed and set in the cemetery they lay flush with the ground around them. As such, the only available place to engrave is the top polished face. 

Cauley Flat Marker
Elegant Use Of The Loved Ones Signiture.
Holtzen Flat Marker
companions are best memorialized together.

Where to buy and design your own flat grave marker.

Riley Gardner Memorial is proud to announce that we have 141 convenient locations carrying our highest quality granite and marble. Visiting with anyone of our available memorial designers will surely get you on your way to a beautiful and long lasting memorial.

Just about all of our sales offices are set up to design live with you in the room so that you can actively see your memorial come to life in a digital rendering.

Have a look at our complete directory and once you have found the Riley Garner Partner closest to you call and schedule an appointment and we’ll get started preserving your legacy today.

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