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Designing your own Slant Memorial.

Slate memorials are some of the oldest and earliest versions of upright headstones set in honor of a loved one. When you lay your loved one’s earthly body or cremation remains to rest, placing a memorial such as this is truly noteworthy.

With a slanted front face, set atop a simillary colored granite base, the letter and symbols engraved that tell their story are visable from all angles. Placing slant headstone signifys a resolute strength of that individual as they are set to never be toppled.

Throughout this article we will be covering:

  1. The basics sizes of Slant Memorials
  2. Subtle Design Elements of Slant Memorials
  3. The available granite colors for slant memorials
  4. Where to buy and design your own Slant Memorials

Sizes Of Slant Memorials

The are many different sizes of Slant Memorials. Most rely on the number of people that are being memorialized or the seer amount of story that needs to be told. 

A Slant Memorial for one person is likely to be 24” left to right x 16-18” Tall x 10” thick at the bottom and 2″ thick at the top of the serp. This front polished face is slanted thus giving the memorial its name. The front 2″ are left as a “nose” for your choice of rock pitched or further polishing.

The two examples we show here with green backgrounds are both individual style slants with a polished front and back sides only. Both are set atop 32″ bases that could be left centered, as shown, or off set to allow for a granite vase to be set along side.

When more than one person is being memorialized we tend to need more polished space to engrave. To that point, our slants that are styled for companions are 36″ or even 48″ wide to accommodate the couples’ full story.

Christenson Slant

Design Elements of Slant Memorials

As you start to design your own Slant Memorial we know there are a lot of specific elements to choose from to help you tell your story. Slant memorials will naturally stand taller in the grave plot than the other flat and bevel styles, and have an extra room to allow for even more engraving. 

We will go into further detail a little later, but the slant is one of a select few styles that comes standard with at least the back face polished as well as it’s front. This is often left blank but can be utilized to double the available engraving space. With companions looking to tell multiple stories, this extra space is a great.

In our companion example shown for the McMordie Estate, the couple choose to add multiple engravings to the front face to honor their love together, their names within the books of heaven and a rose each for each of their children they pass their legacy on to.


Where to buy and design your own Slant Memorial.

Riley Gardner Memorial is proud to announce that we have 141 convenient locations carrying our highest quality granite and marble. Visiting with anyone of our available memorial designers will surely get you on your way to a beautiful and long lasting memorial.

Just about all of our sales offices are set up to design live with you in the room so that you can actively see your memorial come to life in a digital rendering.

Have a look at our complete directory and once you have found the Riley Garner Partner closest to you call and schedule an appointment and we’ll get started preserving your legacy today.

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