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Designing your own Upright Monument.

Ah, the upright monument, standing proud, tall, and majestic for any and all visitors to see. uprights are most popular in our more rural cemeteries but can be adapted to fit in with any sort of restriction placed.

Most all of our traditional uprights are 6″ thick and stand atop a another 6″ thick base. That in itself is the only universal design element. Otherwise just about every other detail is designed and shaped to help tell your loved one’s story.

Throughout this article we will be covering the following:

  1. Sizes of Upright Monuments
  2. Design Elements of Upright Monuments
  3. The available granite colors for Upright Memorials
  4. Where to buy and design your own Upright Monument. 

Sizes Of Upright Memorials

As mentioned before, there are many different sizes of Upright Monuments. An Upright Memorial for one person, at its smallest is 24″ wide and traditionally set atop a 30″ similarly colored granite base.The tablet itself can be the traditional serpentine top, or shape carved to incorporate a different design like an angel or saint carving.

For companions, placing an upright monument to span the top of two adjoining plots is far and away one of the most honorable ways to remember the couple. Those Companion Uprights will likely be 36″ to 48″+ wide to allow maximum engrave-able space.
The height of your upright will likely be limited to match or be no taller than those around it in the cemetery. 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ are all available heights, but once again, it is best to consult with your specific cemetery for their height and style rules.

At Riley Gardner we strive to get you the monument that best tells your story while still fitting within your cemeteries restrictions. When you are ready, your highly trained memorial designer will be able to guide you though what’s possible.

Kerley Companion Upright

Available Upright Monument Designs

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Design Elements of Upright Monuments

Upright Monuments are some of the most customized memorials that we have available. Every inch of the memorial can be shaped, polished, cut, or engraved to deliver the memorialized custom story. The only true constant with any two upright monuments is that they all sit on top of similar granite bases. otherwise, it’s the person’s story that decides the details.

The example provided here for the Rodriguez estate is a perfect example of a bold and different upright monument shape. The starburst pattern around the edge presents rough but precisely cut points that allow for a beautiful duality to exist.

As with many companions, one person is likely more polished than the other but both persons are represented because in life that difference was what balanced and made them great together. The contrast of rough “rock-pitching” and polished surfaces really complement each other.

Where to buy and design your own Upright Memorial.

Riley Gardner Memorial is proud to announce that we have 141 convenient locations carrying our highest quality granite and marble. Visiting with anyone of our available memorial designers will surely get you on your way to a beautiful and long lasting memorial.

Just about all of our sales offices are set up to design live with you in the room so that you can actively see your memorial come to life in a digital rendering.

Have a look at our complete directory and once you have found the Riley Garner Partner closest to you call and schedule an appointment and we’ll get started preserving your legacy today.

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